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A new and updated logo for Ingkerreke Commercial, an Alice Springs based Ingkerreke Commercial business offers a comprehensive range of construction and metal fabrication solutions to corporate, government and private clients across remote and urban locations in the NT.

A big thanks Megan from Cairns Quality Accounting at 25 Grafton Street, Cairns.



What are the different font types available and how many different fonts should I use in a document or on a sign?

Have a look at the following:








A4 education template How many fonts should I use


Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards are an ideal form of advertising – both for you and your business. They tell people how to contact you and can tell a lot about your business.

A business card shows your logo, which helps reinforce your brand.

They are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. But did you know that a quality, thick card speaks so much about you business. That ‘snap’ that a nice thick card has says a lot about the professionalise of your business. Add a matt or gloss celloglaze finish and the card can be near perfect.

Put a bit about what you do, what you sell, what services you provide, or even a photo of you on the back, and you double the impact for only about 30% extra cost.

Design Odyssey can help design a business card that says so much about you.

Business Cards Graphic

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