Graphic Design

What is graphic design?

In its most basic form, graphic design is concerned with combining words and pictures to communicate visually.

Whether its a logo, a business card, a sign, an advertisement in a newspaper or on a website, graphic design is used to communicate ideas about who you are and what you offer.

Quite simply, good graphic design makes information less boring.

Things to consider with Graphic Design work…

Design Concepts

Any design concepts you have should be provided to our graphic designer so that we are all working towards YOUR vision. This ensures we are all on the same page and you remain part of the process. We have a questionnaire to help you decide what you want, and help us interpret your desires and turn them into reality.

Proofing Process

The proofing process is vital to the success of your project. We will provide proof sheets for you to check or request changes. It is not until you are satisfied and have signed the proof sheet that we proceed with the production of your order.

Design and Set Up

A design is different to a set up. Design refers to the creation of your brand’s visual image/identity or a new concept visually associated with an existing brand. Set up is what we call the process of applying your logo and project content to a business card, brochure, poster, banner, building sign or other application. For example, applying your existing logo and business card information to a banner will incur a set up fee on your quotation. This covers the time involved to prepare the existing artwork to a format suitable for the chosen application with a new proof being supplied.

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